Monday, November 29, 2010

firefly cabin crew interview

It was a beautiful saturday morning on which i had to literally pull myself out from bed for this interview session with Flyfirefly. Ever since I was young, seeing the world has always been one of the things which I want to do. I wasn't 100% prepared for the interview. I didn't have any recent passport photograph of myself, and the one that I submitted was oh-em-gee.

four Firefly cabin crews

Anyway, I reached Vistana Hotel near Bukit Jambul at 9am, clutching my resumes and photocopies of my certificates (together with, not to mention my oh-em-gee passport photograph). To be honest, I never thought I could even make it through the first round. My height and weight was measured, I was told to fill in a form and to wait in a room. Many candidates were waiting as well, and if you were there, you could tell that they were just as nervous as I was.

And so, we were called into another small meeting room. We were asked to introduce ourselves and tell them a little bit of our background, and what not, panic kicked in. They then asked us to walk around the room in line and then line up in front of them, and performed a simple skin check on our arms, face and our backs. (*yikes*)

My heart shrunk (in a good way) when my name was called for the next round! =D We were asked to introduce ourselves again, and a series of questions were thrown at our faces.

Interviewer 1 : Why did you choose to work for firefly?
Girl 1 : Because firefly is a great airline blablablabla..blablabla and Because I love the color orange!

SHIT. wrong answer.

Interviewer 1 : Does that mean when you go for Airasia, you change your favorite color to red?

I pity the girl. She had it going. Beautiful, well groomed and fluent in English.

They then asked us a few more questions and wanted us to answer in Bahasa. I was happy that I didn't have any second thoughts of speaking in Bahasa. Then, we were asked to read a short cabin crew announcement.. It was fun, felt like we were already hired. heh.

Ah, I dont know. The interviewers seemed to like me and the other girl. But we don't know what's going to happen. We're all asked to wait for a week or two for a call back. We'll see, till then, come back for updates!


Weird Dan said...

Hmmm.. so now you're trying your hand at working for an airline. GO Minny!

Anonymous said...


Minny Chan said...

Dan : lol, tried a few years ago but couldnt.. now can d haha

Anonymous : would be happy if u would leave a name. why copycat?

سيتي هدايه said...

Hai Minny,

Can you plz gv me some tips on how to pass this cabin crew interview?

Did they ask to open the cloth for checking the skin at our back?

Is there is any TOEFL test during the interview?

Thank you.