Sunday, September 23, 2007

ROJAK update.

when was the last time you've asked yourself
"hey, is public transportation really safe?";
or probably you've never thought of it, because all that's in your mind is,
"Aiya, just pay RM1 can round the whole Penang Island,
can sit bus how many times in one day also no need to pay two times. Cheap what!

but OMG let me tell ya something;
accidents DO happen :P

My friends and I saw a Rapid Penang (bus) went into smokes, right infront of USM

i guess the engine overheated or something;

for those of you who don't knowwwwww,
i chopped my hair like a month ago and yesterday, i recolored it

i have pink hairrrrr (just a few strands) *wheeeeeeeeee*

went shopping today :D
bought like, SO many stuffs!

didn't get to celebrate JJ's birthday with the shouters at the beach though
*hugs* xoxo I'm sorry I couldn't make it.

5 tops ; 2 from Topshop, 2 from FOS, 1 from Nichii
From Roxy ; a pair of thongs (sandals), a bag, a purse
Shoes : Converse and Vincci

also a lipbalm lar.
i'm so f'in broke ]:

i wish i'm a wealthy brat;
makan ice cream also got brand - Chanel.

back to Uni on Monday ]:
So many assignments due this coming weekend.
I'm doooooooooooomed.


spench___x said...

hey the shape of your hair is something like mine eh.. but of couse yours cut nicer la hahaha
you take up japanese in uni?

Dexter - Dexterity said...

wor wor...

y dunwan put whole head pink colour wor... then like this u go everywhere also sure got ppl look at u liao mar... haha...

and i dun sit public bus wan ler... i dunno y but i dun like... swt

742 said...

"I am Chan Min Min. I am...


I shop at Gurney Plaza."

Not bad to have assignments like this =)

conan_cat said...

whoa, your hair looks sooo cool!!! :D i wanna get that type of color too, i like i like!! what company ur saloon use?? loreal? swatzkopft (now how do you spell that = =") yeesh

and whoa, now thats one reall big accident @-o that rapid png thing will sure spoil the company's reputation about the bus' safety... @-o

iCalvyn said...

watashiwa Calv. desu... :Þ this is what i know...

jimmychin said...

minny learn japanese :P

Tyler said...

Holy shit you have the neatest handwriting ever. God that's freaky :P

babyfiona said...

like the way you write in nihongo. Luckily I still can read a little bit :P. All gone back to the sensei long never write or worst speak :D

Minny said...

spench_x : lol nowadays a lot of people have the same hair lah! yours is also cool [: hehe yups taking up japanese

dexter : u put pink lar. then i follow lor. haha

742 : so cool! u can actually read my name in JAP!

conancat : lol i dont quite remember the name of the hair product i use to color my hair; but my hairstylist said it's a german product so yeah [: RAPID is soooo busted. lmao

iCALVYN : r u sure that's all u know? maybe u've been writin aishiteru for ur gf in jap. kekeke

jimmychin : jimmy u wanna learn too? [:

tyler : LOL you call that NEAT???? hahahahaha.

babyfiona : hehehehe. aduh la u. japanese is tough ]: but yay you at least you can still write hehe.

XoxO minny.

tyler said...

Have you seen MINE?! No of course not, what kind of question is that hahaha :P

CRIZ LAI said...

Nice hair style and colours. I see one big X there ar.. cover what ar?? LOL. You do look a bit tired here. Take some time to rest less if you can.. haha :P

aL said...

the smokes from the rapid penang pic so cool lah.

like... scene in bourne's identity XD.